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  • business correspondences, reports and presentations
  • articles of association, articles of incorporation
  • financial statements and audit reports
  • memoranda of understanding and letters of intent
  • business registration documents
  • marketing survey questionnaires and responses
  • employee manuals, HR policies and procedures
  • corporate compliance documents
  • corporate press releases
  • business proposals
  • compliance investigation reports
  • corporate websites and marketing materials
  • Annual report for Taiwan Paiho Limited

  • Principles of Statistics textbook (partial) for Shanghai University of Finance and Economic Press

  • Financial Accounting textbook (partial) for Dongbei University of Finance and Economic Press

  • Charter for Council of China’s Foreign Trade

  • Dissertation: The Need for Implementing Remuneration System in China's Property Management Industry

  • Accounting and financial statements for Hubei Zenith Airbeck Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (China)

  • Market feasibility report for Changchun Judelong Steel Tower Group Co., Ltd. (China)

  • Market analysis and report for Prudential Plc. (Britain)

  • Market plans for Nokia China

  • “Zhejiang China” development work plan

Past translations

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