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  • Environmental policies, objectives and goals of Canon Zhuhai (China)

  • Intellectual property rights contract for Huaxia Bank (China)

  • Contracts for Adamas Avocats Associés (France) Beijing and Shanghai representative offices

  • Shanghai Municipal property lease agreement

  • Cooperation agreement for joint collaboration – “Beijing International Tourism Expo”

  • Falun Gong practitioners’ statements for asylum application

  • Final judgement of dissolution of marriage

  • “Provisional Measures on the Administration of Personal Foreign Exchange by Inland Residents” (State Administration of Foreign Exchange, China)

  • property lease contracts 
  • goods and services purchase and sale contracts 
  • employment contracts
  • civil and criminal court documents
  • government policy documents
  • rulings, decrees and judgements
  • asylum and immigration application documents
  • personal statements
  • licenses, certificates, testimonials, attestations

Past translations

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